Miami, Florida – September 24, 2021 - Assembly of the Cuban Resistance-There was a call to action in a press conference today, held at the Bay of Pigs Museum in Miami. This came from the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, which coordinates approximately 35 organizations from both inside and outside Cuba, who resist the communist tyranny of the Cuban regime. Speaking on behalf of the Assembly as spokesperson and master of ceremony was Dr. Orlando Gutierrez-Boronat. The event started off as is the tradition, with a prayer. All stood silently as and opening prayer was offered by Muñeca Fuentes, a consistent supporter and activist from Nicaragua.

The dramatic call to action was comprised of three parts. From within Cuba, there is a growing movement calling for a national strike. This act would comprise multiple phases within its timeline. The first part of the declaration today is a call to support this initiative. Included in this summons is a direct appeal by Col. Johnny Lopez De La Cruz to the Cuban military to act on behalf of the Cuban Nation, and not in support of the tyranny, and to join the national strike.

The Assembly announced that, as the first show of support for Cubans in the island, on October 10, 2021 at 4 pm, a rally will be held at Miami Executive Airport (Tamiami), in front of the Brigade 2506 Liberation Air Force monument (137 Ave., 128 St.).

The second aspect included in today’s message is in support of a national day of prayer on October 10, 2021. All of the religious communities from all denominations within Cuba are asking for this in a show of the religious freedom that has been denied to them for so long.

Attending the conference in support of the initiative were various members of the international community such as Sylvia Iriondo, a stalwart activist; Luis Zuniga; Col. Johnny Lopez De La Cruz, president of the Brigade 2506 Association and the Bay of Pigs Museum. Representing the religious groups from within Cuba was Apostle Christina Maria, a powerful voice advocating freedom of religion for Cuba. Leo Martin represented CESOS, an advocacy think tank within Uruguay. Olga Ramundo, a local business leader was also in attendance. In addition to the speaker and key supporters, there were numerous spectators from various countries. Covering the event were news agencies from over seven outlets from multiple countries.


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